Hi There!

I am freelance web/application designer and developer. I grew up in NYC and I am known around the web as HSNYC. That is a picture of my son Gabriel. When I am not spending time with him I am designing websites or developing small desktop applications.

In my previous careers, I worked as a Lighting Designer and an IT Ninja (we work behind the scenes and nobody knows we are there!) Currently, I am part of The Bank of Tampa family helping improve their workflow and managing their internal KB documents. The rest of my time is spent exploring web animation using CSS + jQuery which is something I am really enjoying at the moment.

I like to think outside the box and I am inspired by people with game changing ideas. If you have an idea that can make a difference, please feel free to contact me. I would love to work with you!

Please connect with me via Twitter, Google+, or visit my blog to see what I am up to.

Thank you for stopping by. Be well :)

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