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Web Design and Development, CMS.


This is a custom built CMS we named the AvocadoCMS. It was originally created to store Knowledge Base articles for an IT department. Instead of having documents in separate files and folders, this CMS was to provide a central location and make adding, editing, and searching for the documents easier. The UI consists of a simple search bar with the most recent articles as well as a sidebar with the categories for quick access to commonly viewed articles. The search bar is overly sized to emphasize searching rather than navigation. The front-end was coded in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. PHP and MySQL were used to drive the back-end. The design was done in Fireworks. It is supported and developed on GitHub and you are welcome to contribute to its development, share it, or use it for your projects.

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Tools Used:

Brackets, Balsamiq, Fireworks, Illustrator.


HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX , PHP, MySQL.

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