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MusicZen is a small Windows application design to search, move, and organize mp3 files. This little app has a special place in my heart. I created it during 2011 as my first child was born. So I consider it my second child. It sprung from the need to organize my massive collection of mp3 files. I tried various programs and they all seem to just complicate things rather than making the task simpler. So I set out to sketch the app and write some of the logic right there as I stare at my hard drive full of mislabeled and unorganized music files. The app is written in C# and built on top of the .NET framework. The license creation and validation is done using a combination of JSON, XML, and SHA for encryption. The initial design and wireframe was done in Balsamiq. Final design done in Expression Blend and coded using Visual Studio Pro 2012.

In early 2014, I completed the website for MusicZen where it now lives for anyone to download and also contribute to its development. The site is powered by WordPress and it was built with a custom theme designed with the application’s look in mind. The site’s wire frame, mockup and final design was done in Balsamiq and Fireworks. All assets created in Illustrator.

MusicZen Image 1
MusicZen Image 2
MusicZen Image 3

Tools Used:

Visual Studio Pro 2012, Blend, Illustrator, Balsamiq.


C#, .NET, XML, JSON, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL.

Project Site:

Project Date:

2012 - 2013