Pre-deployment Utility v1.0


Windows application design and development.


The Pre-deployment Utility can be used to capture network information about a user and display it or save it to a file. You can also use it to transfer files from a user’s local directory to a remote network drive. Designed to save you time when migrating a user from one computer to another as part of your Pre-Deployment process. This utility can be useful for anyone whose job include migrating users like a Computer Repair Shop or an IT department. The wire-frame was done in Balsamiq. The UI design was done in Fireworks and Blend; it was coded in C# using Visual Studio 2013 Express for Desktop. If you are interested in contributing to its development you can find it on GitHub. Feel free to fork it, share it, or use it for your own projects.

Pre-Deployment Utility Image 1
Pre-Deployment Utility Image 2

Tools Used:

Visual Studio 2013 Express for Desktop, Blend, Balsamiq, Fireworks.


C#, .NET

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